Stefan PetersilgeOctober 3 – 9 / 2016
Sivas / South-Crete

Greek Dance & Rhythm
dancing and drumming in crete

Workshops with Stefan Petersilge

In Greek traditional dancing is the highest of all the arts. Higher even than music. The common element of music and dance is rhythm. Music, dance and rhythm are inseparable.

When we learn traditional dances it is necessary to understand the associated rhythm. Therefore, for dancers it is a great experience to practice drums and percussion instruments. It can trigger the development of a better sense of rhythm and open the way to new levels. The same works the other way around. For musicians and music enthusiasts learning the dances can open up a whole new world. Physical awareness is strengthened and a new level of self expression opens up. Tensions and blockages will disappear, and you feel free and spontaneous with your instrument.


DOWNLOAD: you can find the full workshop program including pricing information for 2016 here as PDF.

The Workshop is aimed at both beginners and advanced students with interest in circle- and folk dances and / or music and rhythms from Greece. We will learn some Greek dances and in parallel, we learn to play the corresponding rhythms on various percussion instruments. We learn how to translate dance steps into drum patterns and vice versa.

The Teacher Stefan Petersilge, born in 1954, is a graduated musician and composer. He passed the States exams with distinction and attained his master degree in 1979. Using the artist name Sangit Om he has published numerous CDs with his own music, in which he has processed his experience with different musical cultures. In addition to his musical work, he worked intensively with dance traditions, especially with the numerous Greek dances, which he first learned in a dance school in Germany and later in Greece. He lives in Crete, where he works as a musician, music producer and dance teacher.

The Place Sivas is a traditional Cretan village which has preserved its original character. It is located near the south coast of Crete with views of the mountains of Psiloritis and 2.5 km from a sandy beach. Nearby are the Minoan palace of Phaistos and the Minoan port facility Komo.

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