The official homepage of the musician Sangit Om with lots of information about his music, his biography, Fotos, a Shop und more...
Check out my blog! With lots of information and thoughts about dance, music, Crete, my life...
A site about my work as a web- and graphic designer. With many nice examples...
This is the site of the German / Cretan artist Susanne Kontopides: wonderful paintings, music for the eyes!
Homepage of Anna Boskamp, a Yoga teacher who lives in Pitsidia. She offers Yoga-hollidays, courses, seminars and lessons.
a beautiful site about the jewellery shop of goldsmith Axel Genthner in Matala
Helga Maria Mikosch paints since 25 years in Crete. You may find her paintings on this site or in her studio “miko” in Kamilari near Matala “Crete is an island set between cultures of the Orient, the Occident and Africa. Its history is rich in tradition, and its mythology inspired many of my paintings.“

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